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I’m a clinical psychologist with over 20 years experience helping people with panic and anxiety. Contact me to learn more (insert link).

Who Am I?

Everyday I help people who struggle with panic, anxiety, PTSD, and other problems. My training started at the University of Connecticut, where I earned a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. I conducted research on mental health and studied thousands of articles on psychotherapy, self-help, and psychological disorders. This helped me to understand why people develop anxiety, panic, and other mental health problems and what they can do to get better. It also helped me to understand why quick fixes don’t work, recognize the most common obstacles that keep people from changing, and start the process that is necessary for making real and lasting improvements.

I have written about mental health in the popular press. See samples of my writing that might give you further insights into panic and anxiety at the bottom.

My Story

I know what you’re going through. I’ve struggled with the same problems. For several years, I suffered from anxiety and panic. I felt embarrassed because I was a psychologist and thought my problems were a sign of weakness. I tried to ignore them and just get on with life. But the harder I tried to avoid my problems, the worst they became. I was having several panic attacks every week and I felt demoralized. Eventually, I sat down and started to figure out why I was stuck and what I could do to start making change.

Why Do People Get Stuck?

A lot of self-help gurus will try to convince you that there is a miracle pill or a magic plan to instantly cure your problems. Don’t believe it! There’s no scientific evidence to back that up and if it’s too good to be true . . . well, you know the rest. Instead of trying to “fix” yourself or “cure” your problems, I discovered that take time and effort.

Most people who meet with say they have already tried to cope with their problems. Sometimes, they even say they tried my advice and it didn’t work. What they don’t realize is that they tried to solve their problems all at once, became overwhelmed, and gave up trying.

Most people are trying to tackling panic and anxiety at its worst. It’s like learning how to dive off 10 meter diving board when you don’t even know who to swim. It’s going to look awful and you’ll probably belly smack right onto the water. Ouch!!!  To change, we need to take small, meaningful, and progressive steps. You first have to know how to swim, then you have to learn how to jump in the water from the edge of the pool, and so. You have to master smaller steps, until your leaping from high above the water with confidence.

How The Hell Do I “Unstick” Myself?

Coping with panic is a skill, just like diving, driving a car, or giving a persuasive presentation. You need to master the basic and then eventually learn to confront panic directly. What are the steps? For everyone they’re different, but I’ll give you the three skills that are most necessary for overcoming panic:

  • Calming yourself down.

  • Changing your negative thinking about yourself and your panic.

  • Confronting your fears on your terms.

Yes, change requires dedicated work and you’re not going to have a one-hour meeting, read a book, and suddenly get better. You need to practice these skills and work on them. It will take several months, but it will be life changing.

How Will I Help You?

I will create a specific program to help you quickly and effectively get started on making change. In our first meeting, we’ll set goals and get you thinking about a life beyond panic. You’ll leave the first meeting with tool and techniques you can start practicing right away to help you relax from stress and calm down from panic.

The next several meetings will work on changing your negative thinking. If you have thoughts like, “I can’t control how I feel,” “My panic is so embarrassing,” or “I feel worthless,” I’ll help you confront these and other self-defeating beliefs. I’ll help you get back your optimism, rebuild your self-esteem, and regain your confidence.

The final step in the process is learning how to confront your panic on your terms. I’ll create an action plan that breaks down your biggest challenges into smaller steps. I’ll make sure the first steps you take are both manageable for you and will also build your confidence.

How Much Is It To Work With Me?

I provide a free 15-minute consultation. I am only interested in working with you if I can help you. I want you to be successful and will only take you on as a client if we have a great chance of success. Individual sessions are $150 per hour. You can purchase a package of 5 sessions for $600 or 10 sessions $1000. If you are not satisfied with our work after our first session, I will give you a full refund. Unfortunately, I do not take insurance for this work.

How Can You Work With Me?

Use this contact form to get in touch with me. I’d love to hear from you and I am happy to answer any questions you have.

How Do We Do The Session?

I’ll meet with you online using a video conferencing platform called Zoom. This program is free, easy to use, provides high quality audio and video, and is secure.

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Other Stuff About Me

Outside of my formal job as a clinical psychologist and this blog, I am the proud parent of a handsome and overly energetic son and an adorable baby girl, an incurable reader of self-help, an overly health conscious cook, a Food Network addict (but in denial about this problem), professional coffee snob, amateur anthropologist, committed meditator, and avid but uncompetitive runner.