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The 4 Biggest Mistakes When Diagnosing PTSD

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Why Our Trainings?


Every training comes with materials for your practice, such as diagnostic guides, client tests, explanatory handouts, and more. 


Your most important questions come after you’ve tried the techniques. You can contact our presenters to get advice and feedback when you need it most.


Our trainings include demonstrations, case examples, audience discussion, and other active learning strategies to inform and stimulate your mind.

What Our Attendees are Saying

“ This is only my second [online] seminar but it towered above my first experience . . . your presentation, responsiveness and clarity was phenomenal. It was one of the better presentations I have seen in 25 years of practice”

Paul Josephson, LCSW, Provider in private practice in New York City

Why I Started This Site

I’m a full-time therapist, the husband of a working mom, and the father to two energetic kids. I love helping my clients and also learning new techniques and theories but traveling to conferences was complicated and difficult. Online trainings were perfect for me but, to be honest, most were boring, impractical, or just based on pop psychology ideas without any research to back them.

So I started Create Meaningful Change to provide engaging, research-backed trainings. If you’re a therapist who is dedicated to helping your clients but also don’t want to sacrifice time with your families and friends, then this site can help you.